10 Easy Ways to Self-Destruct

Running into a Brick Wall

Ever feel like you are running full speed ahead into a brick wall? That’s because it is easy to do! Many of us make choices every day that can undermine our productivity, exhaust us, and make us feel unworthy.

Want to know how you may be self-destructing? Here are 10 easy ways…

10 Easy Ways to Self-Destruct

Simply Do This...Which Sounds Like...
#10 Just Remember It"I don’t need to write this down."
"I can remember things."
"I’ll get it all done."

#9 Wing It"I don’t have time to plan."
"I’ll just do what I feel like."
"The first thing I'll do is check my messages."
"Somehow, it’ll all get done."
#8 Do Everything Yourself"No one does this as well as I do."
"I can’t trust anyone else with this."
"I’ll get it all done myself."
#7 Put Things “Down”"I don’t have time to put this away."
"I’ll just put it down here for now."
"I’ll have time to put it away later."
"I’ll get it all done if it’s out where I can see it."
#6 Procrastinate"I don’t have time to work on this now."
"I’ve got plenty of time to get this done."
"I’ve got more important things to do."
"I’m just going to check the internet."
"I work best under pressure."
"I need a nap."
"I’ll get it all done in time"
#5 Underestimate Time"I can get this all done in 10 minutes."
"I’ve got time to check Facebook."
"I can hop in the car and be there in no time."
"No one cares if I’m late."
"I have plenty of time to get it all done in time."
#4 Multi-task"I can do two things at once."
"I don’t have time to do only one thing at a time."
"I can read and watch TV at the same time."
"Checking my messages doesn’t hurt my productivity."
"I’ll get it done faster this way."
#3 “Clean Up”"Someone’s coming over. Quick, stash it here!"
"I need to make everything look nice."
"I don’t have time to put things away properly."
"It's easier to just put it all in one big pile."
"I’ll sort through this later and get it all done."
#2 Work Constantly"I don’t have time to take a day off."
"I’ll just sleep a bit less."
"If I take a break, everything will fall apart."
"I need to be available 24/7."
"I’ll get it all done, then I’ll take time off."
#1 Make Everyone Happy"My children/husband/clients are my top priority."
"If I get it all done, everyone will appreciate me."

*     *     *     *     *

Can you relate to any of these? What ways do you self-destruct?

20 thoughts on “10 Easy Ways to Self-Destruct”

  1. Omg, yes to so much of the above and why I have had to learn to be more organized, write things down on a calendar and notes, too, as well as take time off also. So, thank you for putting this all here and one place and must admit you definitely said a mouthful!

    1. Janine, you are the best blogging buddy:) I so appreciate your constant positive feedback. I wanted to hug you and Tamara in her post! And yes, it is funny how we do things that hurt us, sometimes without even realizing it. Just something to think about this week…

    1. I’ve had my struggles as well. Some of them don’t tempt me, but others (um… multitasking…) really do!! But its okay to have “areas for growth”, right Adrian?

  2. Oh WOW! Definitely so true! And I admit, I do one of each of the categories! Tsk tsk. I get too “busy” at times not knowing that I still have a life to manage. Thank you for sharing!

    1. I love being busy, so that is a temptation for me too, Rea. Just something to think about. The world throws enough stuff at us to waste valuable energy hurting ourselves:)

  3. I think the do everything myself hit a note with me. It’s not that I think no one can do it as well as me, it’s that I think I should be able to do it myself. Great list again Seana.

    1. Just because we “can” doesn’t mean we always should, right Jill? I’m always happy to trade off with someone who has a skill I either don’t have or don’t love using. And then I’ll come and organize their closet:)

  4. I am so guilty of.. about all of these!
    I really try to do too much, without writing it down, doing it all myself.. and trying to wing it!
    That’s me! Oops.

    1. I think I may actually have been able to remember things at one point in my life, but that point is gone. I keep telling myself there is just so much in my brain now that I just don’t have room anymore:)

  5. Apparently I will self destruct in 5…4…3…
    I can relate to every one of these!
    Man, can I improve!
    When I feel like I’m spinning with all of these. I just sit down… because it all feels overwhelming! Then I center again by prioritizing…
    Love these!

    1. Thanks so much, Carolyn. I struggle with a few of these on any given day. Prioritizing is what it is all about, so I’m going to think about THAT this week!!

    1. I wish this kind of stuff would be discussed in school.. especially at the college level. But our generation is learning “on the fly” with the intrusion of technology and the pressure to be always “on.” Sending you wishes for a relaxed, calm and rewarding day!

  6. Hey my friend! It’s so good to be back on the blogging scene! You betcha I can relate…especially to #6! I’ve been a procrastinator ALL my life, lol! I’ve even psyched myself to think that I work better when the adrenaline is flowing…IKR! Lol! But thanks for reminding me that.I.must continue.to.work.on.it! Have a good one Seana!

    1. I know some other people in my life – who shall remain nameless – who also claim that the pressure makes them perform better. I can’t say I’m a believer on that one. BUT, I do think some people need a deadline to actually get motivated enough to get busy. But doing, and doing well, aren’t the same thing, right? Great to hear from you, Michell!!

  7. I can totally relate to a lot of these! I have come to realize the only true way to make everyone happy is by making yourself happy first, always a work in progress. I’m the queen of winging it!

    1. I agree… we all know at some level that we need to make ourselves happy first, and then share the love. But it can be a struggle to find the balance there. I’m a work in progress for sure:)

  8. This list is so true. I think the most recent one I do that is catching up to me is saying I will remember things and not writing them down. I definitely need a planner or something to write down ideas. I have a few things brewing. I could also use like a dry erase board near my kitchen or something like that so I can remember things.

    1. That one strikes particularly close to home for me, Brittnei. I am long past the days of being able to remember. I not only need to write it down, but I need to write it down immediately:) I live and breath by my planner, which also holds my “to do” list. It works for me.

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