Seana’s Top 5 Gifts

For many of us, the holidays represent a chance to give gifts to people we love (or sometimes, people to whom we are expected to give gifts!) If you are looking for a gift that is both thoughtful and useful, you might want to consider the following, all of which make this professional organizer smile.

[Disclaimer: I am not being compensated by any company – this is all just stuff I like]


This is a handy little tool for wrapping up your power cord for your MacBook. It has a channel for both the wide and narrow cords, is compact, and is perfect for the techie on the go. It is available online at and costs about $10.

PowerCurl cord wrangler

Stick Storage

If you gift list includes a parent of athletic teenagers, this product is for you. A simple organizer designed by a Connecticut Mom, this unit holds 15 sticks or racquets up top, and has spots for the balls down below. It also works great for yard tools with long handles. It can be purchased in a variety of colors online at for about $120.

Stick Storage


For gift recipients with younger children, I love Lay-n-go. It is a basically a large play mat that has a drawstring around the edges. Kids can spread out small toys (e.g. Legos) on the mat, and then at clean up time, simply pull the draw string and you are done! Price is around $65 for the large mat. Check it out online at

LaynGo toy organizer

Card Cubby

In the era of the gift card, this product is a “must”. This is a small wallet that has alphabetized dividers inside, making it easy to store and organize all of your gift cards (or loyalty cards). They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns at and cost about $20.

Card cubby gift card holder

Packing Cubes

For the traveler on your list, I like packing cubes like these “Smart Packs” from Travelsmith. Kids and adults stay more organized when traveling if like items can be gathered into a smaller container.  These are perfect for grouping socks, underwear, bathing suits, work out clothes, t-shirts, etc. They work well for a young person going off to camp, a college student traveling abroad, or a business traveler. They come in a combo pack of 3 different sizes for about $30.

Smart Pack travel cubes

Have you found a gift that is both fun and practical? Please comment below and share with our readers. Happy shopping!

18 thoughts on “Seana’s Top 5 Gifts”

    1. Aren’t the cubes great, Sarah? And I just store them in my suitcase. The Lay-n-go comes in smaller sizes as well. And I always say what we can’t afford, we can suggest to Grandparents:) it is a great idea…

  1. These are cool, Seana! Big fan of the Lay-n-go since I have two young ones. The packing cubes are brilliant and it is something I try to channel when I pack. I do divide things in “cubes” but without the cool product to achieve it with. Card Cubby is awesome too. I’m constantly not getting the right card(s) ready when I’m at the cash register and so I just stand there and sift through and it’s embarrassing.

    1. It’s things like these products that make me smile. I’m seriously thinking I should just buy a stash of Card Cubbies and give them out for birthday presents all year long:) Have a great day, Tamara!

  2. These gifts are pretty practical and not that expensive! I actually am doing a little Bloggy Christmas swap and you gave me some great ideas! Thanks so much for sharing! xo

    1. There are so many neat products out there, but always fun to share our favorites, right? Have fun with the Bloggy Christmas swap, Brittnei… I’d love to know YOUR picks:)

    1. The PowerCurl is my new favorite toy! I leave my cords wrapped around it all the time which makes for a quick exit AND a tidy “under the desk” space:)

  3. Seana- I’m a HUGE fan of the packing cubes. My aunt gave me a set years ago, and I’ve added sizes to it. I use them every time I travel. I’ve also given them as gifts. Aside from keeping my suitcase organized, I also use them to stay organized once I get to a hotel. The cubes go right into the drawers to turn into instant drawer organizers.

    1. I love the idea of using the cubes in the hotel drawer… you typically only get 1 drawer for all of your clothing, right? I also think they are the best and everyone I’ve given them to loves them:)

    1. Have to say that I absolutely ADORE my Card Cubby, and I find myself recommending it to so many clients. Santa, are you out there?

  4. Great organizing gifts! I love that these are so diverse!

    Packing cubes are such a wonderful all year gift. It’s the kind of thing you did not realize how much you needed it until you have several.

    Thanks for all these suggestions.

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