7 Overlooked Storage Spaces

Do you feel like you’ve run out of storage space? For many, trying to fit our belongings into our space is a challenge. Whether you live in a cramped urban studio or work in a small cubby, you may need some creative ideas for finding some much needed storage space. Here are 7 spaces to consider:

Baseball Cap StorageBehind The Door

If you have a hinged door, you have a storage space. A virtual plethora of options are available now for storing everything from shoes to cans to paperwork to towels on the backs of doors. Most of these are very simple to install, instantly adding storage to your room. An added benefit: they “hide” the contents by simply swinging the door closed.

On the Wall

For everything except bulky items, the wall is a great storage location. Hang a row of decorative hooks in a hallway for an instant mudroom. A series of narrow shelves can become instant spice storage. Rest dowels on large hooks and you’ve got racks for wrapping paper.  An ironing board and iron can be easily tucked away on a rack. Need some more ideas? Check out The Seana Method’s Pinterest page.

Dead Shelf Space

A common problem is shelving that is either too deep or too tall. As a result, we often fill the bottom of the shelf, but fail to successfully use the full height or depth of the space. For very deep shelves, add “drawers” by using bins or baskets that can be pulled forward. This enables you to reach the items stored in the back. If your shelves are spaced too far apart vertically, either add more shelves (simple carpentry), or buy some affordable organizing products to more efficiently use the space. You might consider a rack that hangs off of the shelf above it, or use expandable, 3-tiered shelving to graduate your storage for easy viewing. Another option is to use racks that create a “mini shelf” on top of your large one.

Hanging shelf

Pantry rack







Not all storage needs to be at eye level. Walk through your space and look up to see where you could add some storage. For example, consider adding a shelf over your bathroom door to hold extra towels.  A triangular net can be hung in a child’s room to hold stuffed animals. Simple large nails can be installed on the inside of a closet doorframe to hold baseball caps. A pot rack can be hung over a kitchen island or counter to hang needed items.

On the Side

Frequently we think we need to buy more storage containers and overlook the storage space on the side of furniture we already have. For instance, a hook on the side of a desk can be the perfect place to hang a purse. Or a rack hung from the back of car headrests can hold items we need to tote around. Many racks now exist for hanging items such as towels, foil and supplies from the inside of cabinet doors. Don’t like the mess of computer cables at your feet under the desk? Hang a wire kitchen basket from cup hooks under the desktop and tuck your surge suppressor inside.

Between The Studs

Many homes have hollow space between the studs. If you are tight on space, take advantage of this space! Some narrow shelves cut to fit can provide an instant pantry. In a garage, shelves can provide storage for spray paint, bug spray or cans of tennis balls. A notched out area can also become an instant media charging and mail processing center.

Awkward Spaces

We all have them. Dormers, odd corners and small spaces between appliances & walls… finding furniture to fit isn’t always easy. Instead, consider installing some shelves or a rack to make these spaces functional. A great tip is to take a bookshelf, add casters to the bottom and an attractive handle to the side and roll it sideways into a tight spot. Or install a sturdy bench seat and pad for seating, and then hang a curtain to create quick storage for bulky items.

Finding storage can often be as simple as giving a fresh and creative look around your space. Have you found a way for creating storage? Let us know!

14 thoughts on “7 Overlooked Storage Spaces”

    1. I hope you will look around the blog for more ideas. If you want, check out my Facebook page and Pinterest page where I share lots of free, very practical ideas.

  1. these are great tips…the bookshelf on casters blew my mind…WOW…I wish I had a bit more space between the fridge and wall to do that. now following you completely on pinterest…such great ideas

  2. I bought one of those shelf dividers you show above on the right for my kitchen in my last house. I didn’t need it here, but I found a great home for it in the freezer section of my fridge.

    1. Those shelves can be used in a number of spaces – the freezer is a great idea since they usually have insufficient shelving! Under a bathroom sink is another places. I love a tool that is affordable and versatile!

  3. Hi Seana, Sabrina here from Twitter. =) Great post! I love the cabinet organizers and behind the door organizers. There are so many to choose from these days. After so many years organizing, I can spot wasted dead space a mile away. Thanks for sharing.

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